Meet the Team

Dr Emily Cudworth


Counselling Psychologist - MA; D.Couns.Psy, C.Psychol


Whilst completing my doctoral training at The University of Manchester, I was inspired by the writings of Susie Orbach. Her insights inspired me to reflect upon the way in which in our society and views of our bodies are interrelated with how we view and identify with ourselves. This inspired me to work with people to address this dilemma and to hopefully play a part in liberating people suffering from eating disorders from limiting belief systems that perpetuate these struggles.
During my training, I worked primarily with adults in a range of settings. These included general adult mental health issues, chronic pain management, a community-based eating disorders service, and in a psych-oncology setting at The Christie Clinic. Within this service, I had the opportunity to complete my doctoral thesis, in which I explored women's experience of breast cancer and the process of meaning-making. Since qualifying, I have specialised in eating disorders, working within the NHS at an adult eating disorder service, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Alongside my work in the NHS, I have worked in private practice at The London Centre for Eating Disorders and Body Image since 2015. I enjoy the opportunity that private practice offers to focus less on a diagnosis and manualised approaches, and more on the human issues that diagnoses may symbolise. My motivation is to encourage clients to view their distress and struggles as opportunities for growth and a more meaningful engagement with life.
My original training took a humanistic stance, which remains the core of my approach currently. This means my aim is to relate to the whole individual instead of seeing someone through the lens of a diagnosis. This stance lends itself to encouraging self-exploration and awareness, validating each client's human potential. I aim to creatively adapt my therapeutic approach to the needs and stories of each individual. I favour a collaborative approach to the therapeutic process, working with clients to come to a shared understanding of what they need.